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Almere Pyramids

A striking compound composed of two pyramids was built at the Kloosterbos in Almere, the Netherlands in 2012. The buildings are a true copy of the great pyramid of Cheops in Egypt. Angles are 51° 51’ and floor sizes are 3 and 4 pi meters long and wide. Both pyramids are covered with shiny gold-coloured aluminium plates and show circles and six-pointed stars as windows. The project was commissioned by Robert van Harten (who established Mira International, Indian import and grocery) and Sattwa Valk. They want to use the complex as both a house and a meditation centre and state that the origin of the window symbols is India. The circle centre should represent the highest state of consciousness. The upwards directed triangle in the star represents the human aspiration and the downwards directed triangle the answer to that  aspiration. Harmony, co-operation, and dynamic perfection in the design are pivotal according to van Harten and Valk. The building design is by Willem van Seumeren of the Architectencentrale in Amsterdam. Compare the star with Solomon’s seal by for instance Hermes Trismegistus. On the left is former PvdA (Dutch Labour party) alderman Adri Duivesteijn in Almere.